Learn to manage your energy not your time

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You are allowed to take care of your needs without it meaning you’re not good enough

You don’t have to deny your sensitivity and compromise your own wellbeing to make you worthy

You don’t have to exhaust yourself fitting in with other people’s priorities and agenda

You can be honest about what you really want and how you really want to live your life

You can protect your energy and connect to your own rhythm and pace

You can take action on your goals without the usual overwhelm or anxiety


Learn to take care of yourself so you have the energy and confidence to show up for what really matters

Hi I’m Laura


I love being an introvert, but I’m fed up with seeing quiet and sensitive people being pushed around in the noisy world. I’m here to help you show up for yourself and your dreams, even if you’re still nervous, without all the drama of self-doubt and overthinking.

It’s not about having big audacious goals and forcing yourself to take massive action because that’s what you’re supposed to do. And it’s not about reciting affirmations in an attempt to psyche yourself up to take action that has your nervous system on red alert. That just leads to exhaustion and retreat. And another “failure” to add to the list.

I create the space for you to get honest about what you really want. And help you work out what you need to do to make yourself feel safe enough to take the small, but consistent, steps that will get you there.


I’ll help you make progress and get results even if you’ve been stuck for years.

Don’t settle for less when you know you’re capable of so much more. In a world that, prizes hustle, status and money you can stay true to your values of soul, inspiration and wellbeing. 

And you can stop letting self-doubt run the show.

If you are a quiet or sensitive woman I am on a Quietly Bohemian mission to help you connect to what you really want and tune in to your own unique pace and rhythm as you work your way to get there.

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