Doing Life and Business Your Way

Want to make a change and live life true to yourself but don't know where to start?

Start Here!

Embrace who you are, learn to trust your own internal wisdom

and live a life true to yourself – not the one your inner critic wants you to

If you want to create a life where you:

say no when you mean no

say yes when you want to say yes

feel free to be all of who you are

ask for what you want

use your gifts in the world

stand rooted in your power

set boundaries in your relationships

build a business that’s an expression of who you are

do the things you feel called to do – even when it’s scary

take consistent, sustainable action towards your dreams

see possibility where right now you see no f*cking way

This space is for you to if you want to be led by your inner wisdom, not your inner critic, and bring more of who you really are into your life and work.

It’s for if you feel different, out of place, like you’re on the outside looking in. If you’ve been struggling to fit in – even though you don’t really want to.

It’s for you if you don’t jibe with society’s rules, values and standards and you’ve been trying (and failing) to make other people’s way of doing things work for you.

It’s for you if you’ve ever felt there’s something wrong with you because you’re not like “everyone else” who’s making a success of life, while you can’t get your plans and dreams off the ground.

It’s for you if you know (even it’s buried deep down) that you’re smart and capable but you’re stuck in a life you don’t want, not reaching your full potential.

The cost of entry is courage, self-trust and self-compassion. It will be hard at times. But not hard like when you were trying to do stuff the way other people (and your inner critic) told you to.

This is a home where you can finally breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the freedom that comes from not restricting and hiding parts of yourself anymore. A place where you can thrive.

A space for anybody who feels there’s nowhere else in the world for them to show off all their imperfect, human and wonderful glory.

A place for you to leave behind notions of limits and lack and step into possibility and potential so that you make even your impossible dreams come true.

Here at Quietly Bohemian we can talk about things like managing work, creating and building a soulful business that’s an expression of who we are, self-doubt, protecting our energy, living life from the inside out and being guided by our inner wisdom not our inner critic.

We can explore how we engage fully with a hurly burly world that measures us by our looks, age, job titles and income; and how we actually make that shift away from listening to our inner critic to being guided by our inner wisdom?

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Hi, I'm Laura

I love being quiet but I’m fed up with seeing introverts and highly sensitive people being pushed around in the noisy world.  So I created Quietly Bohemian to help you connect with your sacred dreams and do life and business your way.

Oftentimes walking a different path can activate the inner critic, and that voice of self-doubt can stand in the way and make your dreams seem impossible.

I create a sacred space where you can tap into that place within where your intuition, power and creativity lives. I help people feel more alive and bring more of who they really are into their life and work.

What's your Big Sacred Dream? Let's work on it together.

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