How much are you showing up for yourself and your dreams?

I've created the Quietly Bohemian Dream Life Audit to see how much of your ideal life you are living right now and showing you your very first step in a new direction.

Dream Life Audit

Do you have a voice inside of you that’s calling you to more?

A life where you do more of what you love. A life where you show up as more of who you really are.

Do you ever wish you could stop

feeling like life is sucking all the energy right out of you

pushing your needs to the back of the queue

second-guessing yourself

taking orders from your inner critic

being in constant planning or thinking mode

spending a lot of mental energy but not getting anywhere

putting your life on hold


Instead do you wish

say no when you want to say no

say yes when you want to say yes

feel free to be yourself

ask for what you want

set boundaries in your relationships

stand strong in your power

breath life into your dreams

Would you like to see possibility where right now you see no f*cking way?

Hi, I'm Laura

I love being an introvert, but I’m fed up with seeing quiet and sensitive people being pushed around in the noisy world. I’m here to help you show up for yourself and your dreams, even if you're still nervous or anxious, without all the drama of self-doubt and overthinking.

It’s not about having big audacious goals and forcing yourself to take massive action because that’s what you’re supposed to do. I’m a life coach who specialises in creating BREATHING SAPCE for you to figure things out in silence, stillness and soul-inquiry. It’s for you to get really honest about what you want and discern what's true for you.

Don’t settle for less when you know you’re capable of so much more. In a world that, prizes hustle, status and money you can stay true to your values of soul, inspiration and wellbeing. And you can stop letting your inner critic run the show.

If you are a quiet or sensitive woman I am on a Quietly Bohemian mission to stop you censoring what you want, say and do.  And help you feel empowered to do your thing your way.

More About Quietly Bohemian

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