Don’t Go In

Martin Crane from Frasier likes to keep things simple

The season 6 finale starts with the three Crane men happily in relationships. Predictably, by the end of the episode they’re all single again and drowning their sorrows. Frasier wonders what is so wrong with him, he concludes he must have deeper issues with women. Niles agrees and wants to take time off to go into deep therapy. Frasier says they could go together: it shouldn’t take more than a year or so.

Martin (their Dad) exasperatedly tells them that there’s nothing wrong with them. Relationships sometimes don’t work out. It doesn’t mean you have issues. It’s just life.

He wants them to sing a happy song to take their minds off it.

We don’t need to deny our feelings. Feeling sad after a loss is normal. But Martin is telling his sons that they don’t have to dwell and stew on things and get them out of proportion.

And what he shows us nicely is that when we stop dwelling on our thoughts, they drift off and new ones come in their place. Frasier and Niles can mourn the loss of their relationships, but it doesn’t have to consume them. Or need years of therapy to get over.

The pianist only knows America the Beautiful, Happy Birthday and the theme from Goldfinger.

The last scene sees the brothers hesitatingly at first, but them more enthusiastically, singing along.

“Goldfinger…. Such a cold finger, beckons you to enter his web of sin: But don’t go in”!

You know what I’m saying!