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It’s time to start living a living life true to yourself.

Turn down the volume on your inner critic and connect to your inner wisdom instead. You can be all of who you are. In all your imperfect glory. Because there’s no such thing as being perfect. So you can stop trying. 

Every week I send out letters from my heart to yours. They’re a reflection on what’s going on as I look at what living a life true to myself looks like for me. I also share updates on what I’m creating and details of my latest offers.

For a quiet sensitive soul whose natural inclination is to hide in the shadows, my letters are one way I practice bringing more of who I am into the light. I hope they encourage and inspire you to do the same as you start the work of being more of who you are and bringing your Sacred Dream to life.

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  1. Tune out your inner critic and tune in to your inner wisdom

  2. Work out what you really want, not what you think you should want or what you can have
  3. Take your first steps for making that happen and go at the pace that’s perfect for you

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