Hello! My name is Laura.

I’m a life coach and cheerleader for Quiet Bohemians:
introverts, highly sensitive people and kindred free spirits who want to feel comfortable in their own skin and do life their way.

I create a sacred space where you can slow down and move past self-doubt. When you connect to your intuition, power and creativity you’ll be your true self.

You’ll feel more confident, able to express yourself freely and naturally and you’ll bring more of who you really are into your life and work.


Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often on the company of like-minded people.
It involves musical, artistic, literary or spiritual pursuits

For me, being Bohemian means letting go of the rules you’ve been following and doing things your way. It’s rejecting the standards and rules of a hustle and bustle world that values busy, image, income, job title and status in favour of being unapologetically ourselves. We stand strong as introverts and highly sensitive people without twisting and contorting ourselves trying to fit in.

It means something other than the mainstream 9-5 soul-crushing job that pays the bills without leaving any space for us in our own lives. It’s building heart-centred businesses that are an expression of who we are. It’s rejecting hustle and busy for soulful and nourishing.

Being Quietly Bohemian means following our soul’s callings. We put our own priorities and needs above other people’s expectations. And let’s go way out there and know, like and trust ourselves. It’s about being comfortable in our own skin and feeling free to simply be who we are.

Shabby Chic2

If that sounds exciting, it can also be scary. It activates the ego, the inner critic. When we think about creating a new way of being or building a soulful business, after that initial burst of inspiration we hear a little voice that comes up with all the reasons why not.

Being Quietly Bohemian does speak to being a quiet person. It also means going quiet, going still and following inspiration and possibility. And ignoring the inner critic voice. We’re guided by an inner wisdom that not only calls us to a more fulfilling life but guides us every step of the way to get there.

And if you’re an extrovert? Not feeling good enough, self-doubt and second-guessing ourselves are all part of being human. They are not unique to introverts or highly sensitive people. But the way we experience them is. It can become overwhelming. And it’s the lens through which I see the world, so it’s the way I talk about it most of the time. If any of this resonates with you, but you don’t identify as quiet, then you are welcomed here as a kindred free spirit.

Living a Quietly Bohemian life might well involve some kind of artistic pursuit. But even if you don’t think of yourself as an artist, as Quiet Bohemians we are the artistic directors of our own lives. Consciously creating the life we want to live rather than settling for what we think can have.

I want you to bring all of who you are into your life and work


girl on the edge

I know there are a lot of quiet, sensitive, people struggling to fit themselves into a busy, noisy world.

If you’re one of them you’re experiencing the world differently to most of the people around you and hiding and restricting parts of yourself. You’re prone to overthinking and self-doubt, which leaves your voice unheard and your gifts unseen. You can feel it strring inside of you: you have something you want to do, say or be. You’re living with a constant tension between wanting to speak up and stand out and wanting to sit down and hide. And you’re exhausted from so much mental activity with so little to show for it.

You’re smart and capable. You know you have what it takes and yet you often feel overwhelmed or stuck. You have big dreams and you are some combination of quiet, sensitive, introverted, deep thinking, soulful and introspective.

You’ve tried the world wide web of how do I do this? How do I make this happen? And all you got were other people’s answers. And they didn’t apply to you. To your unique set of circumstances, experiences, fears, hopes and joys.

You’re ready to turn away from the outside world for your answers to look within for guidance and to walk your own path.

You’re ready to turn down the volume on your ego and connect to your heart and soul; to your inner wisdom. You want to create a space away from the frenetic pace of modern life and the constant hum of the digital world.

When you tune in to your own wisdom you’ll find your way back to freedom and ease. You’ll feel a deep connection to others, to yourself and to something much bigger than yourself.

You’ll feel more joy and meaning in your life.

You’ll be rooted in the power of all your untapped potential, you’ll be in flow and you’ll trust yourself.


For most of my life I made I made myself invisible. Being quiet and (what I now know is) highly sensitive made me feel different, like I was on the outside looking in. I needed a lot more time to think than the world was prepared to give me. It was overwhelming being in big, loud groups of people and I needed time alone to recharge my batteries.

I thought there was something wrong with me and I spent a lot energy trying not to get found out.  I was prone to comparing myself to others and doubting myself. There was depression, stress and anxiety. I kept myself hidden afraid of being not good enough and at the same time afraid of being too much. I loved being introverted and spending time on my own but at the same time I thought I needed to be more like everyone else.

I could muster up big courage to do things I didn’t want to do because it was “the way to build a coaching business”. But it wasn’t sustainable. I hated it and it took up so much of my energy. Then I would retreat and lose all momentum. Now I understand that it’s ok to be quiet and do things my own way. 

I’ve come out of hiding and I do the things I feel called to do, not the things I think I should do. I feel a joy and liberation I haven’t felt before. I express myself more easily and naturally without having to run countless scenarios through my head first. I’m no longer a slave to what other people think and I have more peace of mind.

I feel an inner strength: a crazy combo of vulnerability and fear coupled with a feeling of self-assurance.

When I say I’m quiet, I’m an introvert and I am highly sensitive, these aren’t labels I use to define and restrict me. They don’t describe my experience 100% of the time. But they do reflect how I largely see the world and move through it. And they serve as a useful shorthand to convey that to other people and help us identify common ground.

I graduated from the UK Life Coaching Academy with distinction. I am a graduate of the Courageous Living Coaching Certification and I have attended foundational training in Nancy Kline’s Time to Think methodology.

Fifteen Random Things About Me

  • I love Depeche Mode
  • I lived in Australia for 3 years as a child
  • I’ve ridden a camel in the Sahara Desert
  • I got to the final of the TV quiz Pointless and won the coveted Pointless Trophy
  • I’ve seen Depeche Mode in London, Barcelona and Warsaw.
  • My film heroes are Jason Bourne and Elle Woods
  • My book heroes are Jack Reacher and Hercule Poirot
  • I’m cat over dog
  • I’m woo woo and I’m also be a skeptic
  • I prefer a cup of tea, a slice of cake and a good book to noisy bars and clubs
  • I’ve been to see the “German Comedy Ambassador” Henning Wehn three times
  • I finished first and won over $1,000 in an online poker tournament
  • As well as poker cards, I also like to sling tarot and oracle cards
  • I’m an introvert and highly sensitive person some of the time. I’m a human being all of the time.
  • I LOVE Depeche Mode.
If you’d like to find out how I can support you in bringing more of who you really are into your life and work then book a free Discovery Call. We’ll explore what’s going on for you and you’ll leave the call with energy, clarity and excitement.
And ready to take your first step.
Laura is a highly intuitive and gifted coach who has an innate ability to uncover what is really going on within someone. Laura is gentle and respectful of her clients, giving them space to open up and truly connect with themselves for much deeper growth.  She fosters a sense of trust and it enables her clients to move past their perceived limitations into a deeper connection with themselves and what they want in life. When working with me she was able to see how I was masking a situation I was in – being concerned about whether or not to get another cat after mine passed away.  She shone a light onto the bigger picture of denial I was in that was more to do with being worried about losing my independence if I moved in with my partner.  It was a dose of reality that I will never forget and it led me to shift my thinking to become fully present in my relationship while simultaneously letting go a belief that I no longer needed. To say it was lifechanging is an understatement.  I am forever in her debt, living a happy life in cohabitation with my partner because of her ability to see the bigger picture for me.