Let Your Spirit Run Wild

Whatever you want your life to look like

Whatever you think is holding you back

Whatever your Big Sacred Dream is

You don’t have to do it alone

The Challenge

I spend a lot of time up in my head. I overthink and second-guess myself. I’m an expert at bullying and berating myself when things aren’t perfect.

I’m a people-pleaser and I don’t know how to say no. I often do things I don’t want to and then resent people for asking.

I hate my job and all the stress. I’d love to do something else, something more fulfilling, I just don’t know what.

Sometimes I think I’m not good enough and sometimes I’m think I’m too much. I can sense the power inside of me. I’d love to be able to step into that in a way that feels good.

I’d love to start a heart-centred business that’s an expression of who I am but I’m afraid to put myself out there and be visible.

I feel stuck in life while everyone around me has got their act together. I’m afraid of what other people would think if I showed the real me and followed my dreams and soul’s callings.

As an introvert or highly sensitive person, I  feel like I don’t fit in and I want to know how to be more confident and comfortable in my own skin without compromising who I am.

I can give you some time out from the day to day hustle and bustle to focus on what really matters to you. I like to blend the practical with the spiritual and there are two ways to start, although they often overlap.

The Practical

You have something you want to create: a Big Sacred Dream.

You have a goal, or dream or you hear your soul calling. You’re spinning your wheels in “research mode” or you’ve made some progress but you’ve hit a wall. Either way you’ve been stuck but the pain of staying still is much greater than the fear of moving forward – even if you don’t feel ready! You need help to cut through the mental clutter and take action your way.

You might not know exactly what you want – your first goal might be to work that out.

You want direction, clarity and confidence.

The Spiritual

You want to create a new way of being

You’re a master at censoring and restricting yourself. You feel disconnected from the truth of who you are, weighed down by worries, doubt, stress and busyness. Add to that feeling not good enough and it’s exhausting. Life feels empty, lacking meaning or purpose.  You need help to connect to your soul and  feel safe expressing more of who you are and live life true to yourself.

You want ease, peace and joy.

The Results

Working with me will give you the space and time to slow down and move past self-doubt. Your ego is not very creative. It comes up with the same old stories of lack and fear. I’ll help you connect to your soul, your truth and your power so that you hear a new story of potential and possibility. You’ll slow down and get present so that you see things you couldn’t see before. You’ll turn down the volume on your inner critic and connect to your inner wisdom – to what you already know to be true.

We’ll identify the thinking that’s getting in the way and you’ll cut through the overwhelm and confusion. I’ll help you connect to your intuition and find the path that’s perfect for you so you can move forward with ease.

You’ll live a life true to yourself and not the one your inner critic wants you to.

The Logistics

This is a 6 month 1:1 Coaching Programme tailored to your needs

The cost is £1,000.

Over the course of the 6 months you’ll get clear on your overall vision and your action plan for our time together. You’ll work consistently on your goals and I will support you with 12 coaching sessions.

My coaching is designed to support you going at a pace that’s comfortable for you, but to challenge you to go faster than you would on your own.

You’ll check in with your inner wisdom and decide what steps you take. Your inner critic will get agitated but you’ll know you’ve got it right when it’s the perfect blend of scary and exciting. 

Sessions are by phone or online and last around an hour.

Laura was a great help to me as I was going through some big life changes. I was changing my career, going through a separation and struggling to juggle all of the things that needed to get done while still taking care of myself and my daughters. Laura was a patient and supportive coach while I worked through sorting out what mattered to me and found the courage to take action on the things that needed to be done, like setting up my business and quitting a low paying job. Her calm persistence and ability to create a safe space in the coaching call allowed me to discover what would help me move forward even if I was afraid.
Laura is an exceptionally skilled coach. She has a natural capacity to make her clients at ease, to bring their whole selves including their fears, their sadness, their grief and their struggles. At the same time she holds space for growth and celebration as well as time for quiet reflection, something often missing in the crazy busy worlds in which we live. For me, Laura supported me in facing self doubt and walked me through anticipatory grief around losing my mom. She was gentle, kind, encouraging and real. As a mom of small kids, who struggles to allow others to "take care" of me, Laura gave me space to be myself, dark side included, in a judgment-free zone.

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