Creating For The Masses

This is a 9 week course starting week commencing Wednesday 22 January 2020. It will end Wednesday 18 March, just one day before the 30th anniversary of Depeche Mode’s album Violator. 

It’s for people who want to create something and work in community with like-minded people rather than struggle in isolation.

There will not be fancy videos or pdfs. There will be plenty of support and the momentum created by a group of people working together.

You can work on something “easy” like having your first conversation in a foreign language or something “impossible” like getting a famous pop star to come on your podcast! Or you can look at where you are hiding and want to be more visible. What matters is that it’s something you wouldn’t work on on your own. And the most important thing is that it’s a dream or goal that’s an expression of who you are. It’s not a goal to make yourself feel better about yourself. It’s something that lights you up. Something you can’t not do!

And if you don’t know what that would be – we’ll spend time at the beginning to work that out. 

The aim is not necessarily to succeed by the end of the 9 weeks, but to get going and see where life takes you.

The programme will include 5 group sessions and one 1-1 session with me. The cost is £150.

There is no early bird price because I don’t like paying more than somebody else because I take longer than they do to make a decision.

Our group will be a maximum of 6 people.

There is no syllabus for this programme. You create your own thing week by week. So I can’t tell you what you’ll be doing. But here is what the programme will give you:

  • Space. You will have space to breathe and time to think free from any noise and distraction.
  • Inner Wisdom. You’ll turn down the volume on your inner critic and connect to your inner wisdom.
  • Clarity. You’ll get clear on what you dream is and what you want to create in our time together.
  • Simplicity. You’ll keep it to the next step in front of you. No jumping ahead to the third, tenth, or hundredth steps.
  • Audacity. You’ll take action that’s small enough to be doable but will push you to your edge.
  • Sustainability. Those small, doable steps will soon add up to real results!
  • Empowerment. As you practice showing up for your dreams and taking sustained action you will feel the power of who you really are and all you are capable of.

Let’s do this!

If you have any questions or would like to sign up then please fill in the contact form below.