Ep 10: Insight – A Conversation For The Masses

With Dr Giles P Croft

Today I am in conversation with Dr Giles P Croft. Giles coaches from the inside out understanding and he’s also been to a Depeche Mode gig or two. He’s the perfect guest for Quietly Bohemian. We used the 1997 track “Insight” as our jumping off point, we talked about:

?? The two “pieces” to the human experience
?? Using our thinking to our advantage
?? How intuition works
?? Where creativity comes from
?? Good days and bad days
?? The power of the present moment
?? Trusting stuff will work out
?? How real change comes through insight

…all through the lens of our favourite band, so there’s also:

? Depeche Mode gig experiences
? A little friendly competition to see who can mention the most DM song titles
? Who’s wearing their DM t-shirt and who’s not ?

You can find Giles on Facebook where he has details of all his workshops and talks and his Enjoy What You Do Community. He’s an expert on career change and working in the NHS as a doctor.

Full Interview Transcript

Sorry, no transcript available for this episode.